How to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins on your WordPress Website

How to enable rich pins on your WordPress website @alisammeredith

  Pinterest rich pins are about to get a lot more airtime. Why? Because Pinterest is changing the way it displays the description of pins that are repinned.  Specifically, this will be happening: “We’re no longer requiring that you add a note when you Pin, and we’re only showing you the note on a Pin […]

Pinterest Search – 11 Smart Places to Use Keywords for Better SEO

How to improve your Pinterest SEO with keywords

Let’s talk about Pinterest SEO. That’s right – while Pinterest boards and profiles can get ranked by Google, we’re talking about on-Pinterest searches. Want to be found in a keyword search on Pinterest? Of course you do! That’s how people who don’t yet follow you find your content! The number of searches users perform is rising steadily […]

Promoted Pins Shifting Focus to Retail – Drops Other Big Spenders

Promoted Pins Focus on Retail - Dropping Others (1)

“Thanks for providing 13% of our ad revenue for the year. Now you’re on your own!” That’s the message Pinterest sent to its advertisers in the automotive and financial sectors this week, according to the Wall Street Journal. In a move to “concentrate on users’ interests,” Pinterest is no longer providing hands-on support to advertisers who are […]

Twitter Share Counts Gone, Social Proof, and Buzz Sumo

Where are my twitter share counts? Social Proof and how to get your counts back!

Notice anything different on your favorite blogs? Wondering where your Twitter share counts have gone? They’ve flown the coop. That’s right. All those social sharing buttons that show people how many readers (I’m being optimistic) are sharing to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest are accompanied by a big fat nothing from Twitter. Twitter Share Counts Disappearing – […]

Pinterest FAQ: Does Scheduling Pins Hurt Your Engagement and Ranking?


Have you read this one? “I stopped using all schedulers on Pinterest and my traffic increased by 700%!” It goes right along with the “you should always delete underperforming pins – and often.” Sigh… Just like the early days of SEO where every outrageous claim, backed by zero or questionable evidence gave rational humans pause, claims […]