Pinterest Promoted Pin Targeting & The Mystery of Ad Placements [Infographic]

Pinterest Promoted Pin Targeting and the mystery of placement - solved!

We love options. The more the better, especially when it comes to targeting our ads – because more targeted advertising means improved results for less money. At least, when you know what you’re doing. Which is why sometimes we hate options. Well, Promoted Pins are no longer the so-simple-a-caveman-could-do-it option. Which is really good news. […]

Pinterest FAQ: Can you make money on Pinterest?

Can I make money on Pinterest? Sure you can! via @alisammeredith

A while back, I received a question from a lawyer looking for an expert witness in a divorce proceeding. The basic question was, “Can you make money on Pinterest?” Well, isn’t that a bit like asking, “Can you make money with a blog?” or even, “Can you make money opening a restaurant?” In all three cases […]

Why Most Marketers Are Missing Out on Pinterest

Why most marketers are missing out on Pinterest

It may come as no surprise to you that I’m rather bullish on Pinterest and the way its use can impact marketing success. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. And it’s not that difficult! It’s for those reasons I’m taking to the blog to defend my favorite platform against rampant underappreciation (as reported in a study by […]