Content Offer in a Box

You hired the wrong person – and the quality of customer content is suffering. You need help NOW before you lose a customer and your reputation. You’re bringing on ANOTHER new client and another new marketer fresh off his internship. Suddenly, promised customer content doesn’t get done until it’s an emergency – and then it’s subpar and late. Too many […]

Pinterest Promoted Pins – 3 New Conversion-Boosting Options

Promoted Pin Audience Targeting

Pinterest has released audience targeting to the masses. Hooray! For ages, Facebook and Twitter have allowed us to target ads based on custom or saved audiences. So you could serve up ads to people who have visited your site or a lookalike audience – one that matches that list of your website visitors in certain ways. Now, […]

Pinterest Marketing 101: Pinning with Purpose

To get website traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest, you need to pin with purpose. Here's how! via @alisammeredith

Pinterest is a huge driver of website, leads, and sales. According to a report by Shopify and Pinterest, Pinterest is the second-largest driver of website traffic among social networks and shoppers there spend an average of $50 per order – more than any other socially-referred sales! So, if you’re pinning 50 pins a day and […]

Pinterest Strategy 101 – Creating Your Buyer Persona

Pinterest Strategy 101 - Create a Buyer Persona

Who are you pinning for? If you tell me “women aged 30-65” please know that I am dying a little inside. As much fun as it is to leap right in to pinning all the things, when your business depends on your marketing success, you know you need to start with a solid strategy. One […]

Affiliate Links on Pinterest – What You Should Know

Affiliate Links on Pinterest - what you should know. via @alisammeredith

They’re back! About 18 months ago, Pinterest booted all affiliate links from its platform*, effectively pulling the rug out from under countless power pinners who used the traffic-driving powerhouse to increase their affiliate sales. The reason? According to Pinterest, they “observed affiliate links and redirects causing irrelevant pins in feeds, broken links, and other spammy behavior. […]