Affiliate Links on Pinterest – What You Should Know

Affiliate Links on Pinterest - what you should know. via @alisammeredith

They’re back! About 18 months ago, Pinterest booted all affiliate links from its platform*, effectively pulling the rug out from under countless power pinners who used the traffic-driving powerhouse to increase their affiliate sales. The reason? According to Pinterest, they “observed affiliate links and redirects causing irrelevant pins in feeds, broken links, and other spammy behavior. […]

6 Ways to Make a Local Business Shine on Pinterest

6 Ways to Make a Local Business Shine on Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest for your local business? Would you like to attract an audience who could visit your local storefront, restaurant, service business, or event center and become your next customers? The challenge for local businesses on Pinterest is that people from anywhere can find your pins, repin them, like them, and visit your […]

Live Video Will Save Your Content Marketing – Here’s Why

Live video will save your content marketing - here's why via @alisammeredith

Periscope. Snapchat. Blab. Facebook Live. If there was one clear takeaway from Social Media Marketing World last week it’s that live video is taking over the social world. Also, it was amazing and I hope to meet you there next year. According to Michael Stelzner’s opening keynote, 14% of marketers are using live video and 50% of […]

How to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins on your WordPress Website

How to enable rich pins on your WordPress website @alisammeredith

  Pinterest rich pins are about to get a lot more airtime. Why? Because Pinterest is changing the way it displays the description of pins that are repinned.  Specifically, this will be happening: “We’re no longer requiring that you add a note when you Pin, and we’re only showing you the note on a Pin […]

Pinterest Search – 11 Smart Places to Use Keywords for Better SEO

How to improve your Pinterest SEO with keywords

Let’s talk about Pinterest SEO. That’s right – while Pinterest boards and profiles can get ranked by Google, we’re talking about on-Pinterest searches. Want to be found in a keyword search on Pinterest? Of course you do! That’s how people who don’t yet follow you find your content! The number of searches users perform is rising steadily […]